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Freelance Portfolio

Graphic Designer

Blog Post

Gebeya Inc.

Debunking 3 Popular Freelance Staffing Myths


Email Campaign

Intuitive Risk Mgmt, Intl

War on ransomware cyberattacks

Herbs and Vegetables

Product Description

Van Buren Wood Works

Customizable wooden cutting board

Young Woman Making Notes

Blog Post

Modern Black Businesswomen

Introduction of the MBBW Blog

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Intuitive Quarterly Insider

Newsletter for risk management firm

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My Black Lemonade

Feature profile of Pretty Smoke

Ebook Reader


Content Commanders

Excerpt from 10 Things Great Content Can Do to Transform Your Brand

Image by Markus Winkler

Press Release

Gebeya Inc.

Network Partner Program Launch

Kids in Preschool

Web Copy

Teeny Tiny University

Website copy for childcare center

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