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If you're looking for Adina, the writer, book lover, and witty and creative storyteller, you're in the right place.  Welcome.

I'm a firm believer that great writing is like baking the perfect cake. When it's right,  everyone wants a slice (unless, of course, cake isn't your thing). That's the goal for every essay, blog post, book, or newsletter I write.


So, grab a fork and dig into some of my work. Laugh out loud. Get inspired. Follow me.  Come back for more.



Bare Neck

Hippocampus Magazine

This is Not Baby Weight

Windy Indie.jpg

My Black Lemonade

Windy Indie

midnight & indigo

The Black Woman Commandments

I Cannot Keep

Image by Clarke Sanders

Very Smart Brothas

I Tried to Land a Date From a Street Sign

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